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Your account in beWanted

In access your profile, you can ask us to send you another password to access. Click on "Forgot your password?" so we can help you.
Careful! Make sure that you are entering the correct email address (users often change address and they don’t remember the mail used in their registration) and if that is not the issue, you can always check the spam folder. Once you get access to your profile, be sure to change the password to one that you will remember in the "Settings" section.
If you still can't access your profile, please write to indicating your name and surname and the email used to register in beWanted. We will help you as soon as possible.

We are very sorry to see you go! You can delete your account by entering your beWanted profile. Then go to the "Settings" tab. There you will find a red button "Delete account", and that’s it!
We can't delete your account if you request it by email. If you want us to remove it, we need a copy of your ID and you must give us your name and state your reason of deleting your profile. We do this in order to ensure it is actually you who is asking to delete it.

When you delete your account, your data disappears from our files, so we no longer have control over them. Google and other search webs index information from millions and millions of pages all the time, so it may take some time to delete the page in question. (Did you know that the search engines register your IP and know that you are looking for yourself? That is why they show more results with your name than someone else would see if you look for your name from another computer). For more extensive inquiries, we recommend you contact Google.

Your profile is a public page that allows companies to find you and consult your information more easily. (We told you about it in “terms & conditions” when you create your profile on the first day). There is no way to disable the public character of the profiles, since it would lose all meaning (companies to see you and get your work practice or first job).
But don't worry, will never make your personal data public. Companies will not be able to contact you via email or phone, nor will we share your address or profiles in social networks. They will only be able to see your professional profile and, if they like you, they will log onto beWanted and invite you to participate in their selection processes.

Your profile on beWanted - Resume

Companies can only see your name, city, main qualifications and average grade. They can only access your full CV and your contact information once you accept the invitation to their selection process.

To maximize your profile and therefore increase your weighting in the beWanted ranking, you can do several things:
• Add a language certificate if you have one
• Upload your CV in a pdf file
• Share your profile on social networks
• If you have done volunteer work, tell us about it.
If you want to know more, don't miss this post:

Your selection processes - Invitations

As you know, in beWanted companies are looking for candidates according to the needs of the position they wish to cover. How can you know if you have been invited to a selection process? The invitations appear in the control panel of your beWanted profile; you can accept or reject them from there. But the invitations will also be sent to your email (to the email address with which you are registered in beWanted, of course) and from there you can check the details of the offer and respond by accepting or rejecting it. Also check the Spam folder because sometimes invitations will be redirected there.
Let us give you a little piece of advice: it is very important that you always respond to the invitations.
Are you interested? Great, accept the offer and wait for them to get in touch with you.
Are you working or not interested? Reject it. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem and in the future you will continue to receive more offers like this.
The important thing is for you to always answer, since the candidates who don't respond to the invitations are penalized by the platform and it is very possible that you will feature less and less in company searches.

If they have already contacted you and it has been more than a week since you’ve heard from them, you can ask the person who has contacted you throughout the process.
You can also check the status of the process in the control panel of your profile in beWanted or write us to if you have any more queries.
But you should always keep in mind that the selection process takes time, so be patient.

Congrats!! By accepting the invitation, the company can consult your profile, see your qualifications and know you better. Now it is time to get ready and wait for the company or the beWanted consultants to get in touch with you.
You can check the status of the process in the control panel of your beWanted profile, but keep in mind that changes don't usually occur from one day to another, you will have to be a little patient.

By rejecting the invitation to the selection process you are saying that you are not interested in it or you are not able to participate in the selection process. This action will not impact any future processes you may be invited to within beWanted. Candidates are not penalized for rejecting the selection processes. You may continue to receive invitations from the same company or from others.
It is very important that you always answer the invitations. Candidates who do not respond to invitations are penalized by the platform and you will slowly show up less in companies´ searches.

It is very important that you always answer the invitations. Candidates who don't respond to invitations are penalized by the platform and won’t be that available for companies.
Are you interested? Great, accept the offer and wait for them to get in touch with you.
Are you working or not interested? Reject it. Don’t worry, there’s no problem and in the future you will continue to receive more offers like this.

There are several reasons why you may not be getting offers:
1) Academic field: it is important that you complete your field of study and that you do it correctly. Try to match both your major and your degree info.
2) Dates of your studies: check them because it is possible that some "strange" date has been inserted. For example, if you say you finished your studies in 1970, companies will not find you, you will be hidden. Again: double check the start and end dates of your studies.
3) Your availability: the "market" section of your profile is where you indicate your availability (you may need to review it).
4) We also ask you what you are looking for: you have several options to choose from (or all at once): first job, internship or NGO. Check it because you may not have selected any options!
5) You may not be receiving offers because you have disabled the beWanted notifications: in the "Settings" section of your profile you can configure the notifications you receive. Check that you have not disabled "Receive job offers".
6) What sectors are you interested in? Maybe some time ago, when you created your profile, you were not very clear which sectors you wanted to focus on (or don't know). It’s fine! Complete several sectors and don't close any doors to your future.
7) Languages matter: it might be the key that you indicate all the languages you know. Include the level and type of certificate that you have (if you have one, obviously).
8) Your city: in your beWanted profile type in the city in which you would like to work. That is to say, if you don’t actually live downtown, it would be advisable for you to write the name of the big city, since companies filter by city more generally. Of course, in your pdf CV file you can include your city of residence and be more specific.

In your beWanted profile, under the "Market" section, we ask what are you looking for? You have to choose several options (or all at once): first job, internship or NGO. In this way, only offers that interest you. Check it because you may only have the internship option checked!

You can turn off the beWanted notifications while you are working or living abroad so you don't receive invitations to offers from companies. You have to log in to your beWanted profile and in the "Settings" tab you will find a box that says "Receive job offers". You must keep it deactivated during the time that you don't want to receive offers, and turn it on whenever you want to.

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